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Well with the release of Disney's most recent statement it looks like we'll have to keep pushing through without access to our beloved lands. In my last post I talked about some Disney games that could help occupy your time. I still haven't beaten Lion King but let's be honest, not all of us were meant for gaming. So with that being said I wanted to talk about some other ways to help alleviate your Disney withdrawal symptoms.

Build A Metal Disney Model

So my fiance and I discovered a company called Metal Earth a couple weeks ago and they have the most expansive lines of DIY metal models you'll ever see. From Disney to Star Wars to Marvel, they have got you covered. We started with Lando's Millennium Falcon which we got through in about two evenings. The models are challenging but not so much so that they are unbearable. Besides, who doesn't like a bit of a challenge? We also tackled Mickey's Fun Wheel and Haunted Mansion (video below), which was probably the most difficult we've completed so far! We also have the WDW Entrance, Space Mountain, Cinderella's Carriage and Castle on our list. Basically, we're building our own mini Walt Disney World, trash cans included. Yes, they even have the trash cans. These are probably more of an individual project but it certainly helped having two of us to work on the small repetitive repetitive parts.

Make A TikTok

I have yet to get into the TikTok craze- maybe that means I'm getting old but recently a friend of mine sent me the #fridgechallenge which we gave our own Disney spin on (video below). So if your finding yourself with a little extra time, put a little Disney flair and pixie dust on a viral challenge. It's a fun way to focus your energy on something fun and creative and connect with friends! Not into TikTok? That's okay! Start your own trend on another platform! Some more recent we've seen are creating your own Disney ride at home, matching your makeup to your ears (@abrittofdisney), and Disney bounding as favorite characters! So many options to explore!

Order of appearance: @thatbabeintoyland @realhousewifeofdisneyland @pixiedustdani @abrittofdisney @magicalworldjoy @disneydayvis @rainbowssmilingthrough

Renovate Your Disney Room

Crazy? I think not! Where else should you store all your love for Disney other than in a dedicated room? Working on a Disney Room is the perfect way to release some stress and cope with the continued shut down of Disney. Put up a Disney mural, artwork, ears, bags, and display your favorite Disney memories and items. You can also top the room off with a Disney scented candle from Mort & Co. Candles. I highly recommend Happy Haunts! I bought it a couple weeks ago and it smells spooktacularly! Here are a few ideas to get you started!

Photo courtesy of @abrittofdisney
Photo courtesy of @magicalworldjoy
Photo courtesy of @disneydayvis
Photo courtesy of @disneydayvis
Photo courtesy of @thatbabeintoyland

Finish A Puzzle

Puzzles are extremely stimulating and depending on the size, time consuming, but putting in that last piece gives such a feeling of accomplishment! It could also be a fun addition to your Disney room or any part of your home! Just glue, mount, and frame. It's a great way to preserve your hard work and capture a new memory. Disney has 100s of options online!

Photo courtesy of @theprincesstacobelle

It's really easy to get caught up staring at a screen all day which is why these are some great ways to pass the time and use a little brain power too! Comment below and share some ways you incorporate Disney while passing time! Stay safe, stay home, stay healthy!