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Well, with things opening back up and more and more people going to work, you may need this next drink in your life to decompress after a long day. Day 8 of my Drinking Around the World at home leads me to the Japan Pavilion.

Japan:  Violet Sake

Okay, so I know this isn’t a new drink by any means, but this is another drink that I had held off on trying because I don’t really care for drinks that remind me of how a flower would taste. But, holy sake did this drink make me rethink all of my decisions. It tastes like if you were to mix grape jolly ranchers and the infamous violet lemonade, without the taste of alcohol. A completely dangerous drink, but definitely worth it! You can find this drink at Garden House.

  • Ingredients:
    • 1 oz Monin Violet Syrup
    • 2 oz Nigori Sake
    • 3 oz La Croix Lime flavored sparkling water
  • Mix syrup and sake.
  • Add the sparkling water and ice and stir.

Stay tuned for the next drink around the world: Morocco.